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Aw man,

2/1/14 by UndefinedUnknown
Updated 2/2/14

I tested the swf of Madness Random ep1RE pt 1/3.And it was too fast and it got some sounds glitch.Well,I failed.But I will still publish it I guess.It means a lot to me.I took at long time.So if I publish it,please don't blam it.I know it's bad.At least it's better than the last one I made.I am almost done.It will be published in a few days.

Edit:Wow I haven't post a picture for so long,Okay here you go guys.A scene.....for madness random ep1 RE.




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Who gonna kill this grunt on this room?

2/2/14 UndefinedUnknown responds:

Scratcherz and spacegod105



Thats a ton of different madness styles lol.

2/2/14 UndefinedUnknown responds:


I'm voting now so I have higher voting power

2/2/14 UndefinedUnknown responds:

Oh cool!:D Does that mean if you vote more your votings will BOOST UP HIGH!



Drawin is done.



I am making a drawing of Awegan, Teasing Ducky half to death, And you tickling me to fucking death.

Good luck bro, I hope your hard work get a good rating ;|

2/1/14 UndefinedUnknown responds:


and tell me when you gonna publish,im gonna vote 2 time in one account

2/1/14 UndefinedUnknown responds:

I don't really know.I am almost done I am not done yet.

I will save your movie,cuz my level voting is kinda high.

2/1/14 UndefinedUnknown responds: