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Hey guys!

2014-03-09 08:30:30 by UndefinedUnknown

I want to ask how do you guys even make a madness wiki?I want to make a wiki for madness random series.I just want to make a wiki.


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2014-03-09 08:47:42

Lol I want to make a wiki for AMA too

UndefinedUnknown responds:

If you did,its gonna be awesome!


2014-03-09 09:20:12

do you have steam?

if so ill tell you on steam

(Updated ) UndefinedUnknown responds:

What's a steam?btw just PM me cause I don't have a steam


2014-03-09 10:54:27

also if you have steam
Can I add you?

UndefinedUnknown responds:

What's a steam?